Kevin Faulconer: Wrong for California

Kevin Faulconer Supports the Green New Deal

“One achievement Faulconer often touts is the passage of the city’s 2015 Climate Action Plan, which requires the city to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2035.”
–KPBS, Dec 9 2020

Kevin Faulconer supports the crazy Green New Deal ideas advanced by socialist Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. As Mayor of San Diego, Faulconer joined with Democrats to force through his own “Climate Action plan” in 2015 over objections from Republicans and struggling small businesses.

Faulconer’s costly Climate Action Plan empowers big government, destroys jobs, and hurts working families by:

  • Imposing an unsustainable multi-billion-dollar cost-of-living increase in San Diego in the next 30 years to pay for expensive retrofits on buildings and implement costly mandates and regulations on small businesses
  • Endorsing a “Toilet-to-Tap” program to force residents to drink recycled wastewater
  • Mandating draconian reductions that exceed even the crazy targets imposed by the Democrats’ supermajority in Sacramento
  • Stripping local communities of their voice in making land use decisions by endorsing the requirements of SB 375
  • Enhancing the ability of radical environmental groups to sue to stop job creation and impose costly requirements on projects
  • Mandate that virtually all city vehicles and busses be zero-emission – even though these vehicles are 4-6 times the cost to taxpayers
  • Supporting new water rate hikes that penalize individuals for “using too much water” (as determined by a government bureaucrat)

Faulconer also supports the war on our cars – and even backs the crazy push to install mileage trackers on cars to impose a Congestion Tax to charge drivers a new fee for each mile they drive.

In 2019 and again in 2020, Faulconer supported the framework outlined by SANDAG to raid funds that voters specifically earmarked for road repairs, cancel highway projects and impose a Congestion Tax on drivers – all to fund high-speed rail, climate change and transit projects.

Do you want government to run your local electric utility? Kevin Faulconer and the Green New Deal socialists certainly do!

In 2019, Faulconer proposed and pushed through his misguided Community Choice Aggregation program which is part of the Green New Deal’s proposed government takeover of all electric utilities in the country. The goal of the government takeover of electric utilities is to ban all carbon-based energy sources and force residents and small businesses to pay 4-5 times higher costs for their energy. If you thought the service at the DMV was bad, wait until you experience a Faulconer-created government-run electric utility!

“When San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced his support for a government-run alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric this week, many political insiders were somewhat stunned…”
–San Diego Union Tribune, Oct 27, 2018.

UPDATE: On April 28 a study from Point Loma Nazarene University was released that reveals that taxpayers will face much higher energy rates, major risks, and over $8 billion in liabilities under Kevin Faulconer’s crazy big government takeover of San Diego’s electric utility that was inspired by the Green New Deal.

Kevin Faulconer Supports Tax Hikes

“Faulconer sought to raise taxes in San Diego…increased municipal spending and left the city with a yawning budget shortfall.”
–San Diego Union Tribune, Jan. 17, 2021

Kevin Faulconer has repeatedly supported massive tax hikes to fund big government.

In 2020 Faulconer wrote, collected signatures for, and championed a 40-year massive city tax hike to plug the structural budget deficit he created by granting massive salary hikes and pension spikes to government bureaucrats. Faulconer falsely claimed his tax increase would “solve homelessness” when in fact the funds could be spent virtually anyway city politicians wanted.

Faulconer doesn’t just try to raise taxes on working families for government bureaucrats: Faulconer tried to raise taxes for billionaires too! In 2018, Faulconer supported a massive tax hike to force taxpayers to grant a $2.4 billion subsidy to billionaire NFL league.

Voters wisely rejected Faulconer’s costly tax hikes – but Faulconer had the last laugh when he repeatedly voted to increase city water rates – and actually doubled the water rates during his time in office!

Kevin Faulconer: Sides with Democrats to Attack Our Personal Freedoms

Stay-at-home orders will be strictly enforced, said Faulconer.”
–City News Service, April 10, 2020

“Faulconer said by not implementing a curfew he intended to send a message of support to protesters.”
–CNBC, June 8, 2020

Kevin Faulconer won’t defend our Constitutional freedoms from attack by the cancel culture mob on the Left. From telling churches to suspend their services to closing beaches, Faulconer repeatedly backed draconian Covid-19 lockdowns that infringed on religious freedoms and destroyed jobs and small businesses.

Faulconer even took the extreme step of instructing San Diego police officers to issue citations to any individuals that were not complying with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Covid-19 orders. As evidenced mounted that the lockdowns were unconstitutional and counter-productive, Faulconer retreated into silence and failed to help struggling small businesses as Covid-19 restrictions pushed them out of business permanently.

When riots broke out in San Diego county organized by Black Lives Matters and Antifa, Faulconer refused calls to impose a curfew – saying it was his way of “sending a message of support” to the protesters. During the protests, Faulconer was quick to impose restrictions on his police department and took important tools away from them for dealing with unruly individuals.

Faulconer repeatedly buys into the cancel culture rhetoric of the Left. In 2016, Faulconer even backed a plan by Democrats justifying redistribution of wealth through discriminatory government mandates in the name of “social equity.”

“Faulconer supports California’s gun laws which are the most liberal in the country.”
–Faulconer Spokesman Tony Manolatos to KPBS November 4, 2013

Kevin Faulconer: A Pattern of Corrupt “Pay-to-Play” Kickbacks

“Was it incompetence or corruption or a mix of both? That’s what city observers are asking in the wake of the truth emerging over a bad real estate deal concocted by Mayor Kevin Faulconer…”
–KOGO News, August 10, 2020

“A deliberate fraud.” “Gross negligence.” “A clear payoff to campaign contributors.” “A colossally bad deal for taxpayers.” That’s how auditors, city leaders, the media, and taxpayer watchdogs have described a number of controversial real estate deals devised by Kevin Faulconer that have benefitted some of his largest campaign contributors.

In one deal, Faulconer backed a ballot measure financed by one of his campaign supporters that would give the supporter 140 acres of prime river-front real estate that housed the city’s football stadium – for a fraction of the fair market value of the land and without a competitive bidding process. Voters wisely rejected the Faulconer-backed measure.

In another deal, Faulconer used taxpayer funds to buy an indoor sky diving facility for millions more than its assessed value – again with a major campaign contributor benefitting in the process. The deal triggered an investigation by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that is still ongoing.

The worst deal Faulconer concocted was with two of his biggest campaign supporters for the purchase of a 50-year-old high rise building to serve as the “new” City Hall. Faulconer’s deal was done without a building inspection, put 100% of the risk on the shoulders of taxpayers, and offered an instant profit to his developer friends – but Faulconer used a middle man shell company to hide the true ownership of the building. The building has now sat vacant for FOUR YEARS because of asbestos contamination – with taxpayers on the hook for losses well above $100 million for the bad deal. The deal is now the subject of lawsuits and investigations.

With investigations and lawsuits still pending on these deals, Faulconer’s pattern of “pay-to-play” politics will make it easy for Gavin Newsom to shift attention from his own scandals.

Kevin Faulconer Supports Amnesty and Sanctuary Policies

“Faulconer is a strong supporter for providing a “pathway to citizenship” for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country illegally.”
–Los Angeles Times, February 12, 2016

Kevin Faulconer has been a vocal critic of any efforts to combat illegal immigration and supports amnesty for more than 11 million illegal immigrants.

Faulconer repeatedly and strongly opposed President Trump’s border wall.  Faulconer instructed the San Diego Police Department to implement a sanctuary policy to prohibit effective collaboration with the federal government on enforcement of immigration laws.

To add insult to injury, as Faulconer backed massive tax hikes on citizens, Faulconer still found the money to create a taxpayer-funded “welcome center” to help illegal immigrants. Faulconer also instructed city libraries to promote information materials to help illegal immigrants “know their rights” and gain access to a variety of resources to evade enforcement efforts by the federal government.

“In a March 15 memo to the City Council, Faulconer reaffirmed that the city’s Police Department will not take part in a provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act that allows the federal government to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration law.”
–Los Angeles Times, March 20, 2017

Kevin Faulconer: Filthy Streets Filled with Homelessness

“The slow pace of addressing increasing homelessness has been laid at Faulconer’s doorstep.”
–San Diego Union Tribune, Sept 20, 2017

How much did Kevin Faulconer force taxpayers to pay each month to set up a simple cot for a homeless person to sleep on? $6500 per person per month.

Kevin Faulconer’s failures on homeless are not just the outrageous waste of taxpayer funds. Faulconer’s handling of the homeless problem was so bad that San Diego suffered a massive Hepatitis A outbreak occurred that killed 20 individuals and infected more than 592 residents and tourists.

Faulconer’s incompetent and negligent handling of San Diego’s homeless crisis not only led to filthy, crime-ridden streets – and cost San Diego’s tourism industry tens of millions in lost revenues as tourists opted to skip the slums of San Diego.

Instead of responding by solving the problem, Faulconer joined Democrats to fund failure. Faulconer backed a massive homeless tax hike, allowed homeless tents to be erected throughout the city, and wasted tens of millions of taxpayer funds on programs to coddle the homeless without requiring them to address the root causes of mental health and substance abuse.

“San Diego faces a massive rodent infestation and filthy streets due to the skyrocketing homeless population…”
–Reform California, July 2019

Kevin Faulconer: A Turncoat Republican – California’s Version of Mitt Romney

“Faulconer’s campaign is sometimes reluctant to call him a Republican at all.”
–KPBS, Nov. 4, 2013

“Politics sometimes makes strange bedfellows. Such is the case in San Diego where Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer, is now arguably closer to the Democrats…”
–Independent Voters Network, October 25, 2018

When there is a fight, Kevin Faulconer runs from it. Faulconer is weak and has shown himself more interested in winning accolades from Democrats and the liberal media than fighting their extreme agenda. Think Mitt Romney – but low rent.

Take President Trump for example. For years Faulconer has been the biggest “Never Trumper” in California. In 2016, Faulconer emphatically said “I could never vote for Trump…his divisive rhetoric is unacceptable and I just could never support him.” On the campaign trail in a Republican primary for governor, Faulconer tries to tell Republican voters that he indeed did vote for Trump in 2020, but then reminds the media and Democrats that he emphatically vowed in 2016 never to support Trump.

In San Diego, Faulconer’s political incompetence and his unwillingness to recruit and support good Republican candidates for office led to massive losses for Republicans. The City Council went from a 4-4 bipartisan split in 2013 to a 1-8 Democrat supermajority in 2020.

With Faulconer adopting left-wing positions and refusing to fundraise and support Republican candidates, Democrats ran the board and are now the dominant political party in San Diego county.

“Faulconer charted a course away from the Republican Party.”
–San Diego Union Tribune, January 17, 2021

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